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Thought of the Day

Position patients carefully and precisely. Be thoughtul and decisive when  determining imaging technique.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thought of the Day

Demonstrate a thorough knowldge of contrast (indications, contraindications, administration).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thought of the Day

Strive to be conscientious about minimizing dose to patient, self, and others (e.g., shielding, reproductive status, fluoro time).

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Thought of the Day

Participate in and benefit from activities such as continuing education, peer review, and other professional interactions.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thought of the Day

Identitfy and address patient education needs. Exhibit empathy and help patient feel at ease.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thought of the Day

Understand how data may or may not apply to case at hand, while clearly recognizing potential limitations of that data.

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Upper GI Study

I have an UGI scheduled tomorrow morning. School doesn't official start until Aug 27 but I'm diving in already.

Upper GI explained by Physician on YouTube.

Clinical Competencies (the stuff I'll be doing)

I will have to complete 78 competencies total for the RPA program A minimum of eight have to come from "elective" procedures. That means 16 comp's per semester to be completed.

For certification by the ARRT, I need the following:

Upper GI (mandatory) min. 40 procedures
SBFT (mandatory) 35
BE (mandatory) 30

Cystogram (mandatory) 25
HSG (elective) 5
Retro urethrogram (elective) 5

Invasive NonVasc
Arthrogram (mandatory) 30
Lumbar puncture under fluoro (mandatory) 10
Ng/Og tube under fluoro (mandatory) 30
Para/thoracentesis w/image guidance (M) 20
Fistulogram/sinogram (E) 5
Loopogram (E) 5
Tube injections (chole, etc) (E) 5
Ductogram (galactogram) (E) 5
Myelogram (E) 5
Breast needle loc (E) 5

Invasive Vascular
PICC placement (M) 25
Port injection (E) 5
Lower ext venogram (E) 5
Non tunnel ven cath central line placement (E) 5
Venous cath placement for dialysis (E) 5

Post Processing
Routine CT (3-D, modification of FOV, slice spacing) (E) 5
Routine CT (cardiac scoring, shunt graft measurements) (E) 5
MR data analysis (3-D recon, MIP, 3-D surface render, vol render) (E) 5

Number of Mandatory cases 375
Number of Elective cases 125
Total number of cases 500

Thought of the Day

We will be graded by our supervising Radiologist according to a Summative Evaluation Rating Scale. In the Thought of the Day I will list the criteria in an effort to strengthen my performance standards.

Thought of the Day:

Demonstrate thorough  evaluation of records and other information and be autonomous in locating information.

(page 33 Clinical Manual)