Monday, August 13, 2012

Clinical Competencies (the stuff I'll be doing)

I will have to complete 78 competencies total for the RPA program A minimum of eight have to come from "elective" procedures. That means 16 comp's per semester to be completed.

For certification by the ARRT, I need the following:

Upper GI (mandatory) min. 40 procedures
SBFT (mandatory) 35
BE (mandatory) 30

Cystogram (mandatory) 25
HSG (elective) 5
Retro urethrogram (elective) 5

Invasive NonVasc
Arthrogram (mandatory) 30
Lumbar puncture under fluoro (mandatory) 10
Ng/Og tube under fluoro (mandatory) 30
Para/thoracentesis w/image guidance (M) 20
Fistulogram/sinogram (E) 5
Loopogram (E) 5
Tube injections (chole, etc) (E) 5
Ductogram (galactogram) (E) 5
Myelogram (E) 5
Breast needle loc (E) 5

Invasive Vascular
PICC placement (M) 25
Port injection (E) 5
Lower ext venogram (E) 5
Non tunnel ven cath central line placement (E) 5
Venous cath placement for dialysis (E) 5

Post Processing
Routine CT (3-D, modification of FOV, slice spacing) (E) 5
Routine CT (cardiac scoring, shunt graft measurements) (E) 5
MR data analysis (3-D recon, MIP, 3-D surface render, vol render) (E) 5

Number of Mandatory cases 375
Number of Elective cases 125
Total number of cases 500

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